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Ive tuned into the last 3 streams and i didnt get a pack for any of them anyone else have this issue as well?

9/25/2019 1:01PM PDT

Don’t worry, there’s never anything in them anyway.

9/25/2019 1:43PM PDT

The only time I haven’t gotten one was the last stream, but that’s probably because I only watched like half of it. Didn’t feel the need to watch them discuss the voting when I could just go vote myself. 

The only good thing I’ve gotten out of them is the flashback McCann. 

9/25/2019 1:45PM PDT

I've not gotten the packs the last 3 streams either. Sh

9/25/2019 1:46PM PDT

Yesterday's stream was the first time I didn't get a drop.

9/25/2019 1:47PM PDT

We didn't enable drops for the stream yesterday, but if you watch the next stream you will get two packs.

9/25/2019 2:31PM PDT

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