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Will the scores get pushed through to the right place? Meaning I had a game in a br run not count after someone quit down 6-0.  I got up to 11-0 without that game in my total so I made 12-0 but only got up to 11-0 because of the missed game. I then lost 2 so ended 11-2 when in reality I made 12-0.  I sent an email on this before losing when I was 11-0 to be sure it was noted but haven’t heard back from everyone.  If a random win just gets pushed through in a later br run that’s not right.  If it’s rs or something timing is not as important but in br it really is. 

Comment by pfcorporate
9/10/2019 4:13PM PDT

Uhm.... ;)

9/10/2019 4:19PM PDT

Not much new to report - some users had their scores pushed through while others are still stuck.

Still working to get it pushed through for the people who had stuck scores from a Sunday and Monday. 

Comment by Victor_SDS
9/10/2019 4:08PM PDT

Ok thanks, Mine we’re on Sunday night (2 games) and Monday morning (1 game) all event 

9/10/2019 5:15PM PDT

Bump.... my three missing wins are still not showing. I got to 12 last night so I should be at 15 and done 

9/11/2019 6:03AM PDT

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