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This is a list of changes and/or additions that I'd love to see in the future concerning uniforms.  I'm interested in your thoughts on any of these or on your own wishes. :)

1. Enable user-created Alternate uniforms - while I'm sure that the teams and possibly SDS have good reasons for their teams being displayed in-game in uniforms which they've actually used in the past, which are in line with their branding objectives, I believe that such issues could be addressed if in fact they exist.  For example, while granting players the ability to add to the menus of available uniforms for the teams, perhaps the system could reduce the available color palette such that only team-approved colors may be used on any given uniform.

2. Add more Alternate uniforms overall - each year when I first get the game, I go to see if the Orioles have the option of wearing orange pants, and thusfar I've been disappointed.  It's not a major issue which would ever affect whether or not I'd buy the game, but it would be nice to have more uniform options.  Put a bit more simply, it would be great if every team in the game had at least four options for uniform pants (outside of the historical editions): White, Team Color 1, Team Color 2, Team Color 3.  Ideally, Black would be in there as well.  The best option is probably listed above in Item 1, but some defaults would be good to have, as well.

3. Add more fonts - at a bare minimum, include all fonts that current teams use on their real-world uniforms.  Ideally (imoo) we'd be able to choose from among no fewer than 30 different fonts for letters and numbers.

4. Allow resizing of names and numbers on uniforms - currently, about eight fonts are unusable with many jersey designs, as the bottom of a jersey image is overlapped by the player's uniform number.  Obviously, this can be avoided by not having a front number, but that really shouldn't be the required solution.  Having the option to move the number to various spots on the uniform - including on the quadriceps or along the leg seam - would add more variety and possibilities for those of us who design uniforms.

5. Sync the font styles - at present, some of the fonts are synced but some are way off.

6. Enable the creation of User fonts - this would allow players to create their own personally-styled font for use in the game.  In other words, when a user is creating their own font they'd be able to create an image for the letter 'A', which when complete would be saved into "User Font 1" and handled within the uniform as the letter 'A' as opposed to an image - which can't be used at present for names.

7. Fix the color black - HSL or HSV values of 0,0,0 should result in a color which is pitch black.  Instead, a sort of odd purplish black appears which isn't noticeable at first glance but as soon as the sunlight hits that uniform in a day game... it just plain looks weird.

8. Put the various special editions that are used in MLB throughout the year into The Show.


I'm probably forgetting something, but the above list will certainly do for now. ;)


Thanks for reading!


6/17/2019 9:22PM PDT

These would be the only jerseys left I want to see...

Florida Marlins 2003 Black alt clinched World Series

Cincinnati Reds 2004 through 2006 home and away jersey (any year) vestsss

Houston Astros 2002 Red or Black Alternate (why not both??) seems badass

Texas Rangers 2004 through 2008 more vestsss alternates

Also please any Cleveland Indians jersey set from 1994 to 1999. Even if they decide to not show the chief wahoo logo, whatever.

other than that I’m very happy with the uniforms that were added with 2019. I know these aren’t popular but hopefully adding Royals 2003 uniforms means there’s a chance??



6/18/2019 12:09AM PDT

You beat me to this thread OP. 

I design uniforms and create logos for my friends and have been thinking about posting on this topic for a while. The logo creator is an awesome tool once you take the time to get to know what it can do. 

Definitely need more fonts and yes, having MLB team fonts would be great. 

Having at least one more alternate jersey option for your DD team would be cool. 

I'd also like the option to put custom made logos on sleeves like the patches many MLB teams wear. 

Just adding these few simple options would take uniform/logo design to the next level IMO. 

6/18/2019 6:53AM PDT

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