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In extra innings, man on third, fly ball to right field.  And he says looks like this will get the job done or something to that affect.  So I send my runner and I'm thrown out. 

And not just this situation.  They make it sound like a home run is being hit or at least a ball off the wall and it's just a fly out.   I guess I should just mute them.   

5/19/2019 5:45PM PDT

Bee there dude lol. I learned not to send my runners when Vatsgersian says "AND THATS GOT A CHANCE!!!" when it ends up being a routine flyout

5/19/2019 5:51PM PDT

LOL, hillarious, and true. 

5/19/2019 10:51PM PDT

You used the announcers commentary to determine how and when you'd use your runners?

Within the framework of the game, we have much better views than the commentators have, plus the people deciding what the programmers will say can mess up and do things like Vasgergian commenting that I'd just hit another one foul when in fact the ball soared 450 feet to straightaway center for a home run... LOL

5/19/2019 11:05PM PDT

Yeah the commentary is "off" this year. Had Rendon up earlier and Matty V and Plesac were trying to convince me that Bench was the hitter. Bench had lined out 2 hitters prior lol.

5/19/2019 11:08PM PDT

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