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Old Comiskey Park was one of the original classic stadiums in all of baseball. First ever all star game was even held there. When will this amazing stadium be added to the game?? Thank you 

5/15/2019 6:08PM PDT

Please add Tiger Stadium too. I spent so many years there as a kid. I just want to see it again. Would be so great for Tigers fans. 

5/15/2019 6:35PM PDT

They haven't updated stadiums in years.  Unfortunately

5/15/2019 6:36PM PDT

Would love to see all the above as well as the kingdome. I’m actually surprised they didn’t try to secure the rights, considering how heavily this title has leaned on Griffey the last few years. 

5/15/2019 7:08PM PDT

While all these are good, what about old Busch Stadium, Ebbets Field, Astrodome, Memorial Stadium. Kingdome is also a good one

5/15/2019 8:16PM PDT

The more old stadiums the better. Not sure what it takes to be able to put old stadiums in game as far as rights and all that. Hope they add more. 

5/15/2019 8:24PM PDT

Stadiums take up to 6 months each to render, according to the devs.

Would you rather them spend the time on stadiums or gameplay?  Your choice.

5/15/2019 8:33PM PDT

I've been saying since '17 they really need to add more classic stadiums. Maybe make a Gold Tier set. Of course now that all I play is Conquest this year I don't think stadium selection is going to bother me. But in the past I got sick of MLB and Classic stadiums by mid season I was playing so much. And there's only maybe a handful of Minor League parks I care to play in. Speaking of, even adding more Minor League parks might not be a bad idea. Obvioulsy some classics would be much prefered. The game does have a nice selection but more would be better. And can we start with getting rid of Old Miami? That place is awful! I'd rather have Arlington. 

Comisky, Ebbets, MIL County Stadium, Tiger Stadium, Busch, Metropolitan, South Side Park III (another Chi Sox park) and maybe throw in Candlestick and LA Coliseum for good measure Lol. Kingdome, Astrodome, etc. Personally not a fan of the domes.  

5/15/2019 11:27PM PDT

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