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I gotta say,


From reading all these posts....forget whether or not you have any valid points about the have some issues that you need to work out, man. This is a community forum, there's clearly something else going on here that you need to deal with....bigger issues than a video I sincerely wish you good luck with whatever it is.

Comment by JasonsFather
4/25/2019 10:17AM PDT

Oh, they're valid points.  I just like riling up the fan boys.  Kind of cute seeing them unite.  

No, can't think of any issues right now. 

4/25/2019 10:28AM PDT

That's what happens to minor league players. They either end up going straight from high school with little to no job skills or college but have a phony major like recreation.

Comment by two7offsuit
4/25/2019 9:46AM PDT

True for the most part.  I'm not like most people though.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Informations Systems.

4/25/2019 10:31AM PDT

You think he actually played minor league ball?!


Comment by TroutDagoat
4/25/2019 10:03AM PDT

He probably quit forever after a particularly memorable game in which he squared up four balls yet went 0-4 with four line outs and his team lost 1-0. They wouldn’t let him win at minor league ball and they didn’t have a forum either, so now we’re stuck with him. 

4/25/2019 10:55AM PDT

"let me explain"


Lmao you did nothing to explain HOW they stay being the top players if theres no skill invovled. With you logic the top players would change every season 100%


Nice try tho.

8/29/2019 2:46AM PDT

Pitching_Rebel over 14 game have won 8 game in 1st innings.

8/29/2019 5:47AM PDT

4 month old Necro post. Nothing to see here kids. Move along.

8/29/2019 6:23AM PDT

There is definitely a skill gap 

Top players are there every season because they actually have the ability to square up almost every pitch so although they are dealing with line outs like everyone else they can still score 4+ a game since they can square up a pitch almost every at bat.  So yes although there is randomness in this game there is still a skill gap otherwise everyone's record would be about the same. What I will say is this years game makes it very hard to become better because unless you already have the skill to square a pitch almost every at-bat your left frustrated more often than not when you do square it up. 


8/29/2019 7:04AM PDT
this game is
skill based not
really just kidding


10/29/2019 11:07AM PDT

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