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Anybody noticed more power coming off the bat offline since the 1.08 patch? I've only played M2O but I've started hitting HRs since 1.08. I've had four HRs since the patch in about 4 hours of gameplay as opposed to having only one HR before the patch in about 25 hours of gameplay.

HoF difficulty.

4/20/2019 11:04PM PDT

vs CPU, Conquest. quite the opposite for me. I haven't been able to buy a HR lately. For a week or two I was actually starting to rip a reasonable amount of HRs. But now it's just like it was to start the season. I have to rely on grinding out hits to score runs & I'm lucky to hit a HR every 4-5 games. What's LMFAO great though is tonight I had an exit velo of 95.x MPH on a tall arcing moon shot that went yard at Target Field; I mean way yard. Yet almost all my other hits that are 100-110 and come off the bat at an angle to go yard don't. That is unless maybe like the CPU I get some awful PCI placement and smoke a HR Lol. 

The game can very greatly day to day. Some of that can be related to the user; ie me/user just having a bad day. Some of it I just don't have any idea. It's like I'm playing a completely different game from day to day or week to week. Whatever the case I'd still like to see power bumped a little. Maybe with those 100+ Power guys it feels more appropriate but for these guys with 65-70+ they just aren't hitting them enough. When they do it's like your Pitcher just a hit HR because it's such a rarity... 

4/21/2019 12:56AM PDT

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