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I love this game and i love the fact that its about competing and whos the best but its the talent and skill what makes it what it is. From the timing and PCI placement and clutch moments to land a base hit, walk offs and throwing shutouts but theres a probelm when we allow the game to automatically do it for you!! I have lost so many times to ppl that cant land a hit for 7 innings pause the game then start to hit doubles and home runs. And u ask how do you know they switch or play on directional? 

Well ill tell you. When they constantly check swing because they cant get the timing right ( the hitter makes a constant motion as if about to attempt to swing every at bat), when u throw breaking balls like changeups and curveballs and they constantly do the animation where they do a stupid swing cuz they expecting fastball, even down to looking at the swing and u can tell if u know this game! 

I hate to complain but  u got players that actually use zone or analog and stride that do it themsleves and earn runs and hits by being good to be losing to others that literally jus press X or square and get hits and jammed okay bloopers to win or comback on us that display that skill. I understand that some cant play and u wanna make an easy feauture for them BUT NOT IN RANKED AND EVENTS!!! ITS TRULY UNFAIR AND F'd up! 


If u think about it it gives one an advantage on the other , a real upperhand when it should be equal and balanced where the real best and talented one wins!!


But SDS wont listen they never have to the community, as long as they get paid

4/20/2019 3:51PM PDT

You sound like an ignorant elitist. SDS emphasizes “play the way you want”. Let people use whatever interface they please. The pros and cons are very proportional to the difficulty of the interface. They’re also clearly laid out. 

Also, if you’re actually as good as you think you are, you should never lose to somebody using directional. 

4/20/2019 7:04PM PDT
See original thread.