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after play testing the game in COTW for the past couple of days I think I can definitively state that the problem with lineouts has to do with how the PCI is registering hits. So what I have found over the course of the last few days is that it is impossible to get good or squared contact when you are under the ball I'm not sure why that is but you guys can all try it out for yourself if you get under the ball with good pci placement the feedback is going to say "okay contact" 90% of the time. Now if you get on top of the ball (even just by a tiny bit) you start to get a whole bunch of "good" and "squared" up contact results and you rarely see the "okay" contact result.

I have a bunch of problems with how this system currently works because it doesn't promote launch angles and does promote more lineouts. But at least I can say that I think that this is the main cause for frustration with this years hitting

Try it out for yourself

4/19/2019 7:38PM PDT



Comment by SaskatcheWHAT
4/19/2019 8:17PM PDT

I can't see what he posted but I assume to would be pretty similar to what I observed

4/19/2019 8:21PM PDT
See original thread.