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Just wanted to State that adding Hedi into Franchise mode is great! They did a nice job implementing her into the sideline I hope in next yr they utilize her more! 

4/18/2019 1:16PM PDT

She was enjoyable the first couple of games... However she pretty much says the same thing game after game after game. They must have robots managing the teams because they tell her the exact same thing every day. 

Also, I have to scratch my head when she's wearing a black trench coat on a warm day in late spring. All of the fans in the stands are wearing t-shirts and shorts; and for some reason she's dressed for a December football game at Lambeau Field.

Last but not least, SDS' graphic artists botched her likeness. She's a very attractive woman in real life, but they've made her look like Chris Berman in a blonde wig.

Comment by TigerMoose93
4/19/2019 12:24AM PDT

Okay I didn’t say it was perfect! I don’t disagree with you however simply pointing out it’s a great addition and I hope in the future they build on it instead of forget about which is  pretty much everything in Franchise....I’m just saying it’s literally the only thing they have added to Franchise in 5yrs. Us franchise players are always forgotten about

4/19/2019 12:45AM PDT
See original thread.