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I am more than convinced that this is the main issue why everything is broken in the show. Ever since this new feature was impliminted into the game the last 3 years this game has been all messed up. Pitching, hitting. I can lay you money this is why. Need to rebuild the engine from the ground up, revert back to 16 and not touch anything after that.

Make pitch speeds and PCI size HOF setting from Wild Card up. Its a complete crapshoot playing in lower divisons this year. Vision stats do not matter one bit also being in the lower divisions. I get that SDS wants to appeal to the casual player, but make HOF settings lower moving forward. What is the point of pitch speeds being increased if you cant even make it to higher divisions when everything is broken.

Balls thrown in the dirt or out of strike zone should not be allowed to be smacked for a single or bloop hit a player to death.

4/18/2019 10:57AM PDT

Yeah yesterday I hit 2 sinking liners that never sank

4/18/2019 2:09PM PDT
See original thread.