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It’s crazy how you’ll be dominating someone the whole game and beating them by a good amount of runs and they only having 1-2 hits the whole game and then in the 9th no matter if it’s the same starting pitcher or if it’s one of the best relievers/closers in the game... they will start getting constant hits. 

4/18/2019 6:57AM PDT

Yes, many times @ADAM_SDS has come in here to clearly say there is no such thing but the conspiracy continues...

Comment by jreypr
4/18/2019 8:23AM PDT

He’s lying or just isn’t in the know.   sorry.  Happens way too often.  I’ve been playing this game way to long too not recognize...

ill give you an example.  That helped me.  I was facing kershaw and I was right on ALOT OF PITCHES that were getting hit to the defense.  Perfect pci with perfect timing.  Then in the 9th he walks a batter...which I could tell was not intentional because the dude was in the zone all game...and then I get a double off a late weak hit that goes oppo field in a gap.  To win.  If that’s not the game deciding game outcomes and using Comeback logic I don’t know what is.  

4/18/2019 8:29AM PDT
See original thread.