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Last night I was a game away from WS twice, including hitting 899. When I won I honestly thought "I finally did it", just to see I was 1 point shy. Next game I lost in the 14th inning. Now I'm back down to 860.

Anyone else have any recent sob stories they'd like to vent about? Make yourselves (and me) feel better?

4/18/2019 5:57AM PDT

I eventually made it in and then somehow dropped back to 400 by screwing around with my team, camera, reticle and anything else I could mess up, lol. One thing I’ll always remember is getting to 899 (was like the 4th or 5th time I’d been within a win of WS, just beat some streamer called JVx Gaming and ended up on 899, which was pretty *** tilting all alone, but I was like okay whatever, one more win I guess) and hoping for an easy match up to limp into WS. I let the bar travel all the way across so I’m literally searching 0-2500, having been used to keeping it to the left all season. I’m like any match up would do in this spot. Matchmaking complete and to be honest, the coward in me is praying for an all bronze line up who will quit out and give me a single solitary point after already playing like 150 games this RS and not reaching 900.

Game loads. Pitching_rebel. Along with 99 Willie Mays, Rogers Hornsby etc. Awesome, lol. I don’t send a friendly quit, haha. I lean forward in my seat and try to zone up. Fast forward six innings and I’m actually leading 2-0 and 88 Felix Hernandez is twirling a gem. I’m under no illusions that I’m going to win, but I’m over halfway there. Felix leaves after 6 innings having only struck out one hitter, but given up no runs. 

Bottom 7th Felipe Vázquez gives up an absolute moonshot to Nolan Arenado. 400 foot bomb and it’s now just 2-1 on the scoreboard. I’m not looking like scoring any more runs and I’m feeling the strain. The 8th is a blank and it’s on to the top of the 9th. To say this has become the epitome of a sweaty game would be a slight understatement, somewhat akin to saying you wouldn’t need a heavy winter coat in Hawaii. What I’d really love is an insurance run before the bottom half, but at least I still have the lead, albeit narrowly. First batter, Chase Headley makes great contact. I’m sure I’ve just hit a no doubter to make it 3-1, but Willie Mays casually jogs back and snags it near the track, not even slightly close to a homer. The next two hitters quickly strike out chasing junk and I realise I’m gripping the controller like a drowning man clutching a life belt. 

Deep breath, relax. I’m three outs away, what will be, will be. Eddie Matthews decides to single off of Goose Gossage to lead off the inning and the tying run is on base with no outs. Great. Rogers Hornsby steps up. I’m gonna be trying to jam him and get a ground ball for a double play all at the same time and I’m pretty sure rebel will be well aware of this, so I miss my spit unintentionally and throw a horrible weak slurve away that dribbles into the dirt for ball one. FFS, this won’t do. I’m going to throw a hard sinker just inside off the plate at knee height and get that double play (don’t try this at home kids). Even though I hit my spot pretty well and the ball ends up a couple of inches off the plate inside just below middle, you have to believe this is more or less the exact pitch he was sitting on throughout that AB and he lined it over the LF wall for a walk off 3-2 victory. 

I only lost 10 points and didn’t feel that crushed about it, but it was a hell of a sweaty game that I’ll remember for a while. It probably gave me confidence more than anything, because I knew I’d pitched well and made a decent player well above my level work for the win. I could have just blamed scripting or comeback logic for that one, but that’s not really my style. I threw a decent pitch that wasn’t a strike and my opponent was not only expecting it, but quick enough to react and drive it out of the yard. That’s baseball, folks.

Comment by ComebackLogic
4/18/2019 7:22AM PDT

Dang. That's a good one. Props for facing him and hanging in there. You deserved better.

4/18/2019 7:27AM PDT
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