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I have faced Kershaw, Ryan, Young, and Johnson but by far the guy I had the toughest time hitting was Roy Oswalt. His pitches are just quite filthy. I'm thinking he is like Kerry Wood with more control...

4/17/2019 7:55AM PDT

I faced SS Ryan on HOF difficulty, I couldn't catch up to high fastballs. The guy mixed in just enough curveballs and changeups, along with high fastballs above and in the zone...that I had no chance. I haven't had nearly as much trouble with SS Kershaw as most seem, but he's also the guy that I've made a ton of loud contact against that turned into line drive outs. His ERA against me is probably in the 3's, but it should probably be in the 6's if 100+ exit velo actually resulted in the 600ish BA that it should. I wonder if the H/9 stats make hard hit balls more likely to go right at defenders...because that would be stupid.

4/17/2019 8:56AM PDT
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