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They took out all the grinding in this game. Im not talking about the crazy 200000 IP grinding but the basics, hr,sb, missions with different types of cards. There’s no need to use any of the cards except the best 25 you have. I have nothing against online players but all they considered was there input for this year. Common sense would of been fixing online while keeping offline players happy. Moments, MTO, affinity for players you don’t have any need for after you acquire them, whatever, call it grinding but blah! Good ideas but not what a majority of offline players want imo. A lot of the players I know play mostly online and they miss any sort of grind. Ya ya I’ll here play franchise, we don’t miss rookie grinds  against Rockies and other nonsense. Has nothing to do with that. Asking for some grinds for offline players has NOTHING to do with online players except maybe them enjoying stats counting for something. They don’t need to be mandatory so online players can worry about 12-0 runs and WS. It seems most online players are happy this year and I’m happy for them, just most offline people I’m associated with are not. When I log in to ps a majority of my friends are on other games already where as in the  past everyone was on the show at least for the first month or two. Maybe just a coincidence I don’t know? I love everything about the game this year except the offline content. Even something like the show 17 grinds would be nice.  Sorry for rant, just love the game but want a little more for an offline player. 

4/17/2019 3:54AM PDT

I completely agree with the OP.  I haven't played this game in probably 2 weeks and I played all the time last year.  This is my first time logging into the show network in what seems like a long time considering I reading this site nearly everyday last year.  I agree that great gameplay for online and enjoyable content for offline shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

I just saw a thread about how dead the market is, and I have to think that a large portion of the dead market is due to offline players who are not playing or completing collections, so the lack of use from offline players is adversely affecting the rest of the community.

@officialrealcop - I also agree with you.  I can't imaging offline players buy stubs as frequently as online players.  But I'm curious as to what percent of offline players will buy the game next year.  I think this year, SDS really tried to convert offline players (low percentage of people who buy stubs) into online players (higher percentage of people who buy stubs) by limiting the content but I think there are a lot of offline players who have no desire to convert, myself included.

Comment by themadhatter711
4/17/2019 5:47AM PDT

I think you are a both a bit off base here. Online players account for somewhere between 5 and 10 percent of all players who have purchsed the game. 

If you think  offline players aren't buying stubs,  you may need to rethink  that as well. Those who play offline are generally wanting the good cards too, even if it is just to grind against  the cpu. Some are simply collection oriented. Whatever the reason, this game doesn't see the light of day without its offline player base through both the purchase price and stub sales.

I just wish they would bring back the career stat grind, something that wasn't timed but have you goals to reach and rewards for reaching them. I actually enjoyed that for some perverse reason. Lol

Other than that and the randomness of the pitching, I absolutely love this version of the game, though. 

4/17/2019 6:10AM PDT
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