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Nothing could be worse than last year's bunt mess... In '18 I turned a double play nearly every time an opponent laid down a but.  That said, this year's version is still a mess. Two games today really left me shaking my head...

1) In the first game, I lay down a bunt with my pitcher and it comes off the bat like a line drive. I mean, it must have been moving 100+ mph off the bat and it bounced once in front of the CPU's second baseman. I don't think my pitcher even started running down the line before he was thrown out.

2) In the second game, I have runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs and the pitcher comes up to bat. I'm up big with a speedster on 3rd and the CPU's team is playing back. So, I decided to lay down a bunt... My pitcher pops a bunt directly to the first baseman! Mind you, the dude was playing back. How the heck do you pop a bunt deep into the infield????



4/16/2019 11:14PM PDT

Yeah I wasn't happy with this bunt attempt either in M2O - went way too far and too high on a squared up sac bunt, seems like the non-bunt-play correction is in play in a bunt situation (bottom of the 10th, no out, runner on 1st, power hitter on deck):

I'm curious whether this were to happen in a franchise game also.

4/18/2019 11:01PM PDT
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