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Around now (or before), there were incessant posts revolving around Phil Niekro. I haven't seen a single post about knuckleballers yet. Has anyone used/faced one?

4/16/2019 10:43AM PDT

Not in this years game YET! and I'm not looking forward to him and that wiffle ball

4/16/2019 11:13AM PDT

He had a Low overall relief pitcher card from the start last year that’s why. He doesn’t have a card yet but him and Tiant are coming eventually 

4/16/2019 11:14AM PDT

No pitcher in the game right now has a knuckleball. 

4/16/2019 11:27AM PDT

There is a Niekro on one of the legend teams you can face is custom practice (Expansion Era Boomers I think) if you want to see what it’s like to face a knuckleball this year

4/16/2019 12:13PM PDT

Wright was suspended. For how long I'm not sure, but whenever he comes back. 80 games?

4/16/2019 12:20PM PDT

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