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My thoughts on MLB the show 19. Graphically it looks somewhat better but the frame rate is a lot worse than last year especially during fast scenes that's one thing that needs to be improved on in MLB the show 20. Commentary needs a lot of work still. I like how they brought in Heidi watney and I am excited for the what they will do with her in the future. But still commentary is lacking needs major improvement still. I mean it's not terrible this year it's still you can tell it needs a lot of work to be done. Franchise and road to the show really need a major overhaul. Especially road to the show I mean I like the narrative thing but it's lacking a lot and I think it would be better if they completely start over on road to the show and actually have an actual story with your own characters voice instead of a narrator talking. They need to do something similar to NBA 2K my career or like FIFA the journey.. I like MLB The show but it's not like how i thought it would be on PS4 not just graphically but in all areas to like commentary road to the show and franchise. I hope in MLB the show 20 they start making major upgrades in all areas.

4/15/2019 12:47PM PDT

Franchise is my main mode, I play Moments and might do a RTTS later this year but franchise is what I spend most of my time playing.

I would like to see stadium editor 

GM/Owner  & GM/Agent interactions, if a players morale is low the GMs phone should be ringing.

Bidding wars for TV/Digital rights, billion dollar tv deals have been a thing for a while lets get it in the game. 

4/15/2019 1:10PM PDT
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