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When I am hitting what swing result am I looking for? I have played almost 100 rs games and have gotten pretty decent at good swing whether the feed back be okay/good/squared up. All seem to have same results which is an out. Meanwhile, my opponent is getting late or early with rolled over or okay and being rewarded. Does this have to do with team rating? Am I supposed to swing early or late? First 20-30 games in the 800s I could understand my struggles because I could not time the swing but now I am on it and performing worse. What's the deal?

Please respond whether it be on this thread or a dm to at least let me know what I need to aim for. So frustrating 

4/14/2019 1:35PM PDT

Just think of physics and just real baseball in general. If a ball is outside you want to hit it to the opposite field. If a ball is up and in you want to pull the ball and so on. Basically don't try to pull everything and swing quickly or a little late depending where the ball is pitched in the zone. The end answer all comes back to physics.

Comment by tylerslikewhoa
4/14/2019 1:46PM PDT

You mean if a square up a pitch on the inner corner with perfect PCI placement and early/good timing It should be more than a lineout? Because thats actually how this game plays right now it makes no sense and is completely up to the CPU to decide

4/14/2019 1:51PM PDT
See original thread.