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So, if you don't like Moments (which they really screwed up m BTW), then I can totally see running out of things to do. I've already beaten all 4 Conquest maps, I don't really have the time to play online, so what else is there really to work at? Another Conquest run? Meh. M2O? A HUGE time sink for zero rewards unless you win it all (and you're at the mecy of the CPU in a lot of these cases).


Listen, if you fix the Moments. And by fix, I mean:

a) Make it so your supporting players actually help in pursuit of the goal - for example, if you need RBI's , actually put men on base for us to drive in

b) State the PROPER difficulty based on the internal sliders, so we know what we are playing before spending hours to complete a 6 game "Moment" (sort of contrdicts the word "Moment" to have a 6 game long mission

c) Give us some credit for towards missions that are more than 1 game long or allow us to save and retry a mission in the middle (with maybe some sort of penalty or something) but at least make it so we don't have to keep restarting the thing over and over

Also, if you revamp M2O.... Playing an entire season of M2O, having your fate in the game controlled by other players that the CPU sims, only to wind up with absolutley nothijng (no affinity innings, no rewards, etc) if you don't win ??? That's awful. If they revised this mode so that you could either continue from a previous point or at least give you rewards based on your performance (other than winning the WS), people would become invested.

You gave us 2 modes that people in general just stay away from....

So yes, I can see people who don't play a lot of online or events basically having nothing new to do....but if you make these fixes, maybe your customers won't be bored 2 weeks after release with a game that's supposed to last at least 6-7 months

4/12/2019 7:56AM PDT

Keep thins in mind, this is the first year for moments & M2O their not going to get it perfect on the first try, it'll improve in the second year, & the 3rd, ect, ect.

Their listening to us and looking at data, it will improve.

4/12/2019 2:01PM PDT
See original thread.