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I used to play with Analog+zone with outline for my pci. But i was always late on stuff even though i felt on it. So i switched to pure analog and it felt as though i was on stuff and pulling pitches that i normally was late and missing or late and same result to oppo field with Analog Zone.  Theres def an input reaction difference between the two options of gameplay. Now...i thought ok il just go back to analog zone and try swinging earlier and all that and try to retrain my self to swing earlier. However..i switch to buckshot and it feels like pure analog on input reaction. Same tv, same everything. Only thing i changed was the input option of how to swing. Does anyone else notice this? outline has a def delay in swinging from button hit. Game mode is on. Samsung ks8000.  This is online btw.

4/11/2019 7:45PM PDT

Can I clarify, what hitting interface did you used to play with? I'm trying to setup the same way. I don't understand 'Analog+zone with outline for my PCI'.


4/11/2019 8:18PM PDT
See original thread.