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For years I've wondered how these stats make any sense:

A position player has VERY LOW "Plate Vision" yet somehow they have VERY HIGH "Plate Discipline"

Perfect example:

Aaron Judge - Plate Vision 25, Plate Discipline 109.


Aren't these two directly related? If you discipline is so high, wouldn't that be because a player sees the ball very well and therefore he'd have very good plate vision??

Does this contrast make sense to anyone or am I the only one that always wondered how this combo makes sense??



4/11/2019 2:53PM PDT

Ray Charles had terrible vision but played the piano better than guys with excellent vision.

Comment by khaos100
4/11/2019 6:45PM PDT

He he. Witty, but also true. The best kind of comedy. 

That's because he had a high plate (key?) discipline attribute. 

4/11/2019 6:54PM PDT
See original thread.