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if anyone could answer this that would be appreciated

4/11/2019 8:10AM PDT

Yes.  With a big BUT .... and it was an issue in past MLBs for Missions:

Partial innning DO NOT count!  Example: So I throw 2/3 with one pitcher from A’s ... and let’s say I finish the inning with another A.  it should = 1 inning for The A’s ... but it does not.

IMHO it’s a bug that SDS should fix, because there are times when you want to swap pitchers for a better matchup.

Comment by seamusmq
4/11/2019 9:25AM PDT

It's not a bug... its just how the game is designed. The game counts whole innings when it comes to missions... if they change it to count going by the number of outs that would fix the problem. However, I'm not sure how simple or difficult that task is... hence we get pitchers having to pitch full innings to count towards the total innings pitched/played.

4/11/2019 10:17AM PDT
See original thread.