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Too many errors. Speed so high starting at wild card. Not enjoyable at all. From extreme to extreme. This sucks! I dare to move pci and i am too late on everything. Errors everywhere. I lost a game on a stupid error where my first baseman got the ball and was going to go to first and just tag but no... He kept walking did not get the base and got stuck. If PCI in 2018 was god pci skill then this is like a god from another planet level to move the pci and be on time. I am so excited about this game, but all these things blow. I am not enjoying myself in stupid pitching duels with a glitchy fastball that can't be hit....

4/9/2019 5:15PM PDT

I just don’t get why the framerate is so terrible this year. 

On a PS Pro, ‘17 and ‘18 were butter. 

4/10/2019 5:14AM PDT
See original thread.