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I purchesed the Gone Yard Edition fully expecting to receive everything that was supposed to come with it.

Instead, I got 0 stubs (instead of 15,000), 10 packs instead of 20, and did not receive a choice Diamond Flashback or a classic stadium. I also did not receive the 30 extra custom avatars.


4/7/2019 5:06PM PDT

Did you enter the code that comes inside the actual game box?

Comment by osheetwaddup
4/7/2019 5:47PM PDT


also check your receipt because I want to say the GameStop preorder code is on that as well

unfortunately I wasn't able to pick up my Gone Yard copy that I preordered... gonna call around to the GameStop's in the area if I have the $100 plus tax to see if I can still get it if I have the funds... cause I liked the HOF and #AllRise editions of the game that had Griffey Jr and Judge.

4/8/2019 8:08AM PDT
See original thread.