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There are already some threads out there about this, but I want to keep it fresh. The framerate issues in this game are really disappointing. The Show has always struggled with framerate, but last year after I bought my PS4 Pro it was finally a smooth experience and I was really enjoying playing the game. Then this game came out and it was as bad as I can remember. 

Not sure why the regression is happening, but it's still early in the year. Hopefully SDS can patch it sooner than later!

4/7/2019 4:15PM PDT

Had some problems with a studder on fly balls to the outfield from time to time. Not sure why this happens. It happened a lot last week but didn’t happen today. Not sure if it’s a ballpark thing or what. I do have a PS4 pro too. 

Comment by Socalkid85
4/7/2019 4:48PM PDT

Games play way smoother in the minor league parks.

4/7/2019 5:02PM PDT
See original thread.