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So I get online to play the EVENT, Battle Royale, Ranked Seasons. And I'm matched up with a kid who is still in HIS moms basement, never wore a cup, would not know a infield fly and no pitches are thrown no hits no nothing no errors no runners left on base, He/she/it puts the game on pause and runs the time out. Once the time is run out the game forfits..... Who gets the LOSS?? I will tell you 10 0ut 10 times it is the guy who HAS NOT put the game on pause! Is that fair?? Please if this happens to YOU do what I started doing 2 days ago, REPORT THIS TO SONY, maybe they will fix this problem!!🤬

4/5/2019 7:11AM PDT

I have had this happen to me (In 18, not this year so far) and unfortunately it can happen.. I don't know if the system gets confused or what but either way not much we can do about it except report the bug and continue on.

4/5/2019 7:12AM PDT
See original thread.