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Well, i just got my butt handed to me 11-3. The thing is, i had good pci and good timing resulting in all lineouts or flyballs. MEANWHILE MY OPPONENT DOES THE SAME THING BUT HE IS GETTING HITS. It sucks to know that the game us rewarding the other person for doing the same thing as you are. So, what am i doing wrong? Every tip is appreciated!

4/4/2019 7:16PM PDT

Same thing happened to me, I just lost 6-1 and gave up 16 hits while only notching 5 myself. I spent a good ten to fifteen minutes going through the hitting and pitching feedback after the game to see if I could figure out what went wrong. While I noticed that we were both catching a lot of the plate (I started Sale, he started Carrasco) it was interesting to see that according to the hitting feedback there was no significant disparity between the swings that generated hits for my opponent and the swings that generated outs for my team. If anything, I had more squared up contact than he did, yet had much worse results. That said, we both had a bunch of solid 10-15 rated swings with just early, just late and good timing that resulted in outs, it wasn’t just happening to me. It just seemed that my swings weren’t generating as much power as my opponent’s and balls weren’t dropping in gaps. He did have a bloop hit from a late swing with hit chance 5, but that can happen and wasn’t a deciding factor in the outcome as I lost by five clear runs. 

I suppose, much like real baseball, these things happen and are to be expected, although it’s frustrating to say the least when you’re on the receiving end. Even though the result was heavily one sided in terms of hits and runs scored, the feedback was fairly evenly spread in terms of good swings for my opponent and I. Two or three of these games in a row and I can see why people start complaining the game is rigged, or “scripted” in some way, but there’s simply no logic to SDS wasting time and effort on adding extra coding to favour one user over another or affect the outcome of H2H games in DD. No crying in baseball, lol.

Comment by Sweedy1407
4/5/2019 7:57AM CDT

Best tip I could give is don’t be a guess hitter. 

Learn to read and swing in the strikezone. Find a starting point off the pitcher that you know you can hit a high fastball and react to offspeed.

Its definitely a feel thing. Practice in challenge of the week.


edit- sorry didn’t mean to quote you lol


Comment by soreal35
4/5/2019 8:17AM CDT

Interesting. Would you be willing to elaborate/give an example of finding the starting point off the pitcher?

Comment by boutyaybig
4/5/2019 8:37AM CDT

Basically tunnel the pitchers release point wherever you feel comfortable starting the PCI and and work off of that. 

Know where your PCI is but don’t stare at it.  You’ll learn how to move it to certain parts of the zone while reading the pitch.  

Youll learn how to start your PCI at different parts of the zone off of different pitchers. For instance

Bentances- I would start the PCI belt high and a bit in.  I know I can get his fastball from there and hit his curve.

Sale - I work directly off of his release point up and out of the zone and track in.  

Its all about knowing the zone and how pitches break.  

The timing windows In this game are earlier than last year. You have to commit early to consistently hit the ball hard.  There are some late type hits but you’ll have more success not getting jammed.  

Quick recognition and anticipation of where break will be is your friend. That’s where a mode like challenge of the week comes in handy for practice.  

Just my two sense on hitting.  I know everyone has different opinions. 

4/5/2019 8:06AM PDT
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