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I think this is a bug and I am to lazy to search the boards at 11:30 pm. I play defense with button accuracy (I think that is what it is called) and when the opposing player attempts a steal, I do not get the zoomed in and somewhat slo-mo version of the button timing for my catcher to try and throw the runner out the majority of the time. I think 2 out of 15 stolen base attempts has it actually worked like it is supposed to. Am I doing something wrong here? I am getting run on all the time because of this. Possible bug?

4/2/2019 11:31PM PDT

I just started a new thread about this as I did not see yours, but yes I am having the exact same issue and it is costing me games! Devs, please address this ASAP thanks!

4/3/2019 3:22PM PDT
See original thread.