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Anyone else notice that no matter how early you are on a pitch even if it isn't in the strike zone you literally can't miss that pitch. I think this has to be my biggest gripe about this years game. The amount of times I have seen people make contact on pitches that are 3 feet out of the strike zone or they are 5 feet in front of makes no sense. 

I think the best way to change this is to reduce the PCI Size on All-star or make HOF the default setting for BR and Events. IMO  Allstar doesn't reward the skill gap that is in place when you reach the higher difficulties.

Another small thing that I notice is that meter pitching on allstar is extremely easy. you can miss by a ton but more often then not the pitch still makes it into your deserved area of the strike zone. I think this may be a bug and I hope SDS at least looks into it as it makes analog pitching less rewarding when IMO it should be the most rewarding because it's the hardest one out of the 3 to master.


4/2/2019 5:31PM PDT

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