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I have been playing pretty consistently the last few days. I have been completing collections. Yet, I'm stuck at bronze level 17. I have 72000 XP. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know what level 72000 XP should be?

4/2/2019 1:44PM PDT

wow...that is unbelievably ***, you should be well above 50

4/2/2019 1:48PM PDT

Happended to me too. Lost 3 levels of XP, but have claimed my rewards for the levels I already hit. Hope the devs get this bug fixed ASAP!

4/2/2019 2:44PM PDT

Where do you see your total exp points? With people having these issues, im wondering if maybe i should be higher. 

4/2/2019 2:54PM PDT

Happened to me today logged back in lost 5 levels 

4/2/2019 3:02PM PDT

Is your total exp the number that shows up at the top right after a game underneath your level? If so, does 430,000 exp points, level 51, sound right?

4/2/2019 3:16PM PDT

Yeah its the number right next to it. What XP/level is everyone? We can compare.

4/2/2019 5:38PM PDT

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