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All Star difficulty.  119-43.  3-1 win in NLDS.  Sweep the Cubs in NLCS.  All of a sudden the difficulty in the World Series feels like I'm playing HoF or Legend difficulty.  My heavy hitters come up with squared up and good timing only to magically become warning track power.  Up 3-1 on Houston in the World Series, somehow.  Manage to lose in game 7.  To be rewarded with maybe a level of XP at the end.  What a complete waste of time.  I won't be going back to the mode even though I really want Reyes.  I'd rather waste my time grinding innings knowing I will get something after all the hours I put in.  Gross.  I should probably git gud and stop being salty but I felt like I had to rant about the difficulty boost when in world series, because it was blatantly obvious. 

4/1/2019 1:11AM PDT

The main “problem” with M2O is that by tying DD rewards to it, they have invited people to view it only in terms of its return on investment. The mode itself really has nothing to do with DD. It’s just a unique season mode that they decided to tie some rewards into if you win it all. I’m sure this was done to encourage people to actually play it and also to encourage people who may not otherwise play DD to give it a chance by giving them some rewards if they win. But ultimately a lot of people are only going to judge it based on what rewards they can get and how fast they can get them, making it a means to an end rather than its own stand alone mode.

4/1/2019 6:43AM PDT
See original thread.