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So, I've noticed it starting in last year's game (it's entirely possible it's been around longer), but anyone else noticed that when you bring in a reliever (doesn't matter the mode...I have it happen in DD and in offline Franchise) as part of a double switch, it's impossible to time the pitching right for that pitcher for the first inning he pitches ?

I use pulse, and only use that, so I don't know if it applies to other methods.  I can time my pitches right from the start of the game no problem.  If I bring in a reliever mid inning as a regular pitching relief, no problem.  If I pinch hit for my pitcher and then just bring another pitcher in the next inning, no problem.  But if I bring a pitcher as part of a double switch, then all of a sudden it's impossible to time right.

And yes, of course, in all those scenarios, the pitcher I bring in is fully warmed up.  Anyone else ? Or is there a rational explanation I'm missing ?

3/29/2019 6:09PM PDT

I use meter and sometimes with a relief pitcher I'm always 'very late' on the second press.

Not an ideal solution but, using a mound visit fixes it


Comment by foge011
4/1/2019 6:03AM PDT

Just go to the pause menu and return. This also fixes it. that way you don't waste the trip.

4/12/2019 5:39AM PDT
See original thread.