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MLB The Show 19 Closed Alpha

We're extremely excited to announce a closed alpha test for MLB The Show 19!

  • When:
    • Currently, our target date is from December 13th through December 19th.
  • How can I participate and play in the closed alpha?
    • You can sign up below for your chance to participate! Make sure you're signed in, read the EULA, and hit the sign up button. Please note: signing up does not guarantee you access to the closed alpha test - participants will be chosen at random.
    • The sign up period will end at 11:59 PM PT on November 27th.
  • How will I know I've been selected to participate?
    • Those that receive an invite will be notified on December 12th via the Notifications Menu on the PS4 home screen. The invites may take some time to reach everyone.
  • Is the closed alpha available in all regions?
    • The closed alpha is only available in North America.
  • Will I be able to pre-download the alpha?
    • Yes. It will be available to download the day before the alpha. 
  • Which modes will be available to play?
    • Events, Battle Royale, Play with Friends, and DD vs CPU.
  • Do I need PS+?
    • PS+ is not required to participate in the alpha.
  • How can I provide my feedback?
    • Similar to last year, we will have an exclusive forum built for those who are participating in the alpha test. If you don't have access to the alpha game, you will not have access to the Alpha forums.
      • Access to the alpha forum will open once the servers are live.
    • We are also considering other ways of receiving feedback. Whatever is decided, we will make sure to let everyone know as soon as possible.

We are making a lot of changes to gameplay for MLB The Show 19, many of which will not be shown in the alpha, but will be revealed during our Gameplay Stream leading up to launch. Stay tuned!