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Holds not counting for a mission

9/ 9/2017 6:19AM


  • 3 months ago

    So I just noticed that I have a mission for Player Epics Junichi Tazawa. I have had this here for months and it still says 9/15.  I usually just overlook it because I dont think much about it, and really have no need for the card, but is kind of the principle that I probably completed this 3 times over and yet it doesnt register. I just played a RS game and saw it still said 9 and I thought I had a hold so I double checked and yep, I did, but it didnt count on this mission. Counted everywhere else though.  This mission should have been complete a long time ago. 

  • 3 months ago

    I think it only counts with rp not cp. Make sure you are using rp.

    Comment by EL_JAMONERO_MAN 9/ 9/2017 9:34AM
    Oh man, if that is true then that sucks lol. CP are relievers. Oh well.  If that is it then that would make sense I guess, thanks.