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Mariners Team Epic 3 Wins vs CPU on Veteran or higher not counting

7/18/2017 1:25PM


  • 7 months ago

    I have 1/3 wins vs cpu on Veteran diff counted, but my last two wins have not counted so I can't advance the mission. My stats are being counted in My career and vs CPU, but the wins aren't registering for the Team Epic. HELP PLEASE!!

  • 6 months ago

    Diamond Dynasty (Version 1.11)

    I am having this exact same problem, only against the Royals!

    I am 2/3 complete on the Royals (beat three times on Veteran or higher) Team Epic. On the VS CPU All-Star Missions I am at the AL - Central Royals mission (beat them on All-Star or above.

    I pitched a complete game shut out against the Royals with Wainright, on All-Star. 

    I was 2/3 with the Rays & beat them, the win counted toward my Team Epic completion & the VS CPU All-Star mission completion & all my stats counted. 

    I played the Royals, AGAIN, pitched another complete hame shut out with Wainright, AGAIN, & the win didn't count

    Apparently, I am only having this issue against the Royals.  Wins against other teams are counting.  

    No server disconnect notices either.  

    This sucks!  That is nearly two hours of my day WASTED!

    I think I am done with this game until this issue is fixed.  I am not going to grind to complete missions only to get robbed of my wins via a bug. 

    Here are pictures as proof of the two wins against the Royals

    (Note: I notice that the wins against the Royals don't have the KC logo on the game history log.  They only have my team logo.  I don't know why. My wins against other teams show teh logos of the teams I played.  The Royals "KC" logo isn't showing in the game history page.)

    Also, I got the game rewards & stats for both victories. Just no wins against Royals count toward Team Epic & VS CPU missions.