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The Bug Reports - Please read this first

3/27/2017 11:48PM


  • E0029 Victor_SDS San Diego Studio

    11 months ago

    In order to make the process easier for everyone involved, please adhear to the following guidelines when making a Bug Report post:

    Summary of the issue:

    Mode in which the issue occurred (If RTTS or Franchise, is this a year-to-year save?):

    Number of times the issue occurred:

    Current version number:

    Description and steps to reproduce the issue, if available:

    Screenshot or Video link:


    Please refrain from creating multiple topics for the same issue, as filling the forum with unnecessary duplicate issues can actually slow down the process.

    Posts that are not directly related to a "Bug Report" or do not follow these guidelines are subject to removal. 

    Thank you all for your cooperation in working together to make The Show even better.