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  • amendoza616 created Pre ordering ALL RISE edition question....

    So apparently the All Rise Edition isnt available for pick up at game stop with pre ordering... if I do the preorder will it still ship early and arrive by March 23? Or would I have to wait until the actual opening date on the 27th. I'd like to take advantage of having the game 4 days early by preordering! Thanks to anyone who knows.

    17 days ago

  • amendoza616 created All of a sudden...

    I suck at this game. Is it arbitrary? Who decides when i'm allowed to be dominant and when i'm force to suck and have everything, seemingly, go against me. I felt largely the "forced slumps" thing was better this year... but can't help but definitely feel it in this 5 games losing streak. Too many weird bull censored gimmicks have happened against my team to list here. Anyone feel me? Just annoyed. 

    about 1 month ago

  • amendoza616 posted a comment on New in MLB 18 DD

    Multiple Lineups should've been an update like way back in the beginning. It makes no sense to not be able to manage that. 

    3 months ago

  • amendoza616 created New in MLB 18 DD

    So does anyone know what some new features might be coming for Diamond Dynasty and the game in general for 2018?

    Can we please create custom stadiums?? I'd rather this than a lot of other stuff and duplicates of crappy player cards. Let's make it happen?

    3 months ago

  • amendoza616 posted a comment on the struggle is real

    You're not alone. Lately i've been terrible as well. Got dominated by a 83 Porcello recently that pretty much made me almost break my hand against a wall. The guy was hanging censored down the middle... no way im THAT bad... 

    4 months ago

  • amendoza616 posted a comment on Every Year same ole same ole

    This happened to me one game and I had to wait it out, I was winning, and the fucker waited 3 hours. This can censored up your PS4 AND your TV. SDS? They do NOTHING to all of these concerns. They don't address censored.

    11 months ago

  • amendoza616 posted a comment on Ken Griffey Jr Grind almost done ..

    Almost done doing everything that I have in my power to do, but was curious does anyone know how to get the other griffeys or how long until they are out?Comment by Vulgar_Vulu 4/ 1/2017 2:53AM
    When you say Grind is almost done... Which mission are you referring to? The program?? Confused sorry :/

    11 months ago