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  • Wolfisch-Volfie posted a comment on TC Spending

    Have only 2500 tickets. Wondering if I PS Lester is worth the cost or if I should keep saving to get a Jr (since I still don't have any. ha!). Any advice is appreciated

    Comment by dzkeller2610/ 6/2017 9:54AM

    What's your starting rotation?

    5 months ago

  • Wolfisch-Volfie posted a comment on New Future Star cards...

    With the release of the new future star cards, how come SDS didn't release new CPU missions to go along with it? The missions didn't even have to be special or anything, just something to get a 10 pack of set 11 cards or something. 

    Comment by Momoface34 9/30/2017 8:21AM

    It's kinda confusing. Also, they made the position players really poor. The new pitchers I liked a lot. I already have Buehler and Castillo in my rotation. But there weren't an FS position players really worth buying. 

    6 months ago

  • Wolfisch-Volfie posted a comment on Postseason pack luck

    gold or diamond so its still all luck

    Comment by OldTobyTross33 9/29/2017 12:29PM

    ok thanks 

    6 months ago

  • Wolfisch-Volfie posted a comment on Postseason pack luck

    got Cody Allen in only pack I've bought since they came out

    Comment by OldTobyTross33 9/29/2017 12:27PM

    Is it a guaranteed diamond in those packs?

    6 months ago

  • Wolfisch-Volfie created Postseason pack luck

    How lucky have you guys been with the postseason packs?

    6 months ago

  • Wolfisch-Volfie posted a comment on If You Missed The Stream...

    I will have a recap with a link to the pictures at the end and right here:

    Future stars set 2:

    Rounding out series(19 total, 11 revealed)

    in packs

    in the counter

    85 Christian Arroyo

    87 Anthony Alford

    87 Ian Happ

    89 Luiz Gohara

    86 Willie Calhoun

    88 Alex Verdugo

    90 Luis Castillo

    90 JP Crawford

    92 Walker Buehler

    90 Nomar Mazara

    (pack exclusive) 92 Jose Berrios

    NOTE: will add Slurve to Berrios live series


    postseason look in DD(red, white, blue)


    Like the ASG- WS early pick(before postseason starts) redeem item, exchange team who will win. If right, 10k stubs, 10k EXP, 5k tickets, 2 postseason packs(1 CHOICE)(HAVE UNTIL OCTOBER 3rd 9 AM PST)

    Brewers, Cards can be chosen(not in postseason, not eliminated from postseason)

    Each round will have a ticket(rewards will not be as good as WS)(WC only one mentioned)

    Postseason Events:

    Oct 3-5 WC event(WC players ONLY)(no rewards)

    Oct 5-13 DS event(DS players only)

    Oct 13-23 CS event

    Oct 23-Nov13 WS event


    90 Orel Herchiser- DS

    94 Jim Edmonds-DS 

    93 Cal Ripken-CS

    97 CS(96 H/9 t-1 highest h/9 in game)89 PS Ben Zobrist-WS

    93 Pablo Sandoval-WS

    96 Daniel Murphy-WS 

    99 Koji Uehara-WS

    Hidden rewards(WS does not have hidden one)


    Why should you get these cards?

    -Postseason epic 99 Justin Verlander

    -Win 100 postseason event games between Oc 3-Nov 13(3 innings mostly)

    Need 7 out of the 8 rewards from the events(all sellable)

    BR: Flawless rewards

    99 Wade Davis

    99 Griffey

    Remaning Roster Updates(2):

    Oct 6

    Once postseason ends

    -Monthly awards next Friday

    -One more stream before season ends

    Again the imgur link:

    If anything is confusing please let me know

    Comment by GiantsFan2015 9/28/2017 3:40PM

    So if I'm understanding this right, the next series of POTM cards won't be tomorrow, but next Friday?

    6 months ago

  • Wolfisch-Volfie posted a comment on 97 tulo

    The guy sells for 295K. Either keep him as your starting shortstop, or sell him on the market.

    6 months ago

  • Wolfisch-Volfie posted a comment on BO Hershiser

    We're kind of comparing apples and oranges here when saying get the 99 instead of the 93. Just because he has a couple thousand tickets to spend doesn't mean he has 60k stubs to spend.

    Comment by CyphSB 9/28/2017 1:22PM

    I don't have that many stubs at the moment, and even if I were to sell some of my diamonds, I still wouldn't be able to get the 99. So I got the 93 and I still have about 4K in tickets ready for the next wave of FS and POTM cards

    6 months ago

  • Wolfisch-Volfie created BO Hershiser

    Is it worth the tickets to get the 93 BO Orel Hershiser off the TC?

    6 months ago

  • Wolfisch-Volfie posted a comment on David price


    Better pitch selection but lower Velocity. Besides people will be thrown off seeing Price.

    Comment by ruthless22805 9/28/2017 10:58AM

    I guess, I just think that Rivero is the better option than price because of the velo. But they both get killed at higher levels lol

    6 months ago