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Postseason Missions, Flawless Griffey Jr. and Future Stars Set 2

October and November will be packed with Diamond Dynasty Events and Missions to align with the MLB Postseason. Each Event will require player items (Live Series, Legends and Flashbacks) from the teams currently competing in the MLB Postseason during those dates.

If you plan to participate in the Events, you may want to start hunting for hitters and pitchers on those competing teams and follow the MLB Postseason games to make sure you have the best players to enter. Here’s a preview of how the eligibility requirements will break down:

WILD CARD: Players from the 4 Wild Card teams are eligible
DIVISION SERIES: Players from the 8 Division Series teams are eligible
CHAMPIONSHP SERIES: Players from the 4 Championship Series teams are eligible
WORLD SERIES: Players from the 2 World Series teams are eligible

We will post more information about each Event as each Postseason round advances.

Big rewards are on the line during these Events, including a 99 overall starting pitcher!

To earn Postseason Flashback Justin Verlander (Diamond, 99 OVR SP), you will need to complete two Events Missions:

  1. Win 100 Events games between Oct. 3 – Nov. 13
  2. Collect 7 of the 8 Postseason Event player item rewards listed in the Division, Championship and World Series Events

WILD CARD EVENT (Oct. 3 – 5, 3-inning games)

  • 20 WINS CUMULATIVE: 1 Postseason Pack
  • 12 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Low Live Series Diamond

DIVISION SERIES EVENT (Oct. 5 – 13, 3-inning games)

CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES EVENT (Oct. 13 – 23, 6-inning games)

WORLD SERIES EVENT (Oct. 23 – Nov. 13, 3-inning games)

The player rewards from the Events can be bought and sold in the Community Market.


In addition to the Events Missions, look for Time-Limited Missions throughout the Postseason asking for your best guesses about each MLB matchup.

Under the Time-Limited Mission category in Diamond Dynasty, you can redeem your Early Pick World Series Ticket item and exchange it through one of the team Missions. If you correctly guess the World Series champion in these Missions, a future Mission will allow you to redeem two Postseason Packs, 10,000 Stubs, 10,000 XP and 5,000 Tickets.

Look for these types of prediction Missions in the Time-Limited category throughout the MLB Postseason starting Monday for the Wild Card games.


For the first time in months, a new Ken Griffey Jr. card appears in Diamond Dynasty. His 1995 Postseason Legend is one of the new Battle Royale Flawless rewards (12-0), and it can be found in the Community Market.

Postseason Flashback Wade Davis joins Junior and the other eight possible Flawless Rewards in Battle Royale.


Introducing the newest Future Stars!

The Future Stars Set 2 Pack contains 4 player cards and guarantees one Future Stars player item. You have a chance to find pack exclusive Future Stars:

In addition to Berrios and Mazara, these Future Stars can be found in the Future Stars Set 2 Pack:

Cost: 10,000 Stubs
Limit: Five packs per person
Expires: Friday, Oct. 6 at 2:45 p.m. ET / 11:45 a.m. PT


The following players will appear in a dedicated Future Stars slot in the Ticket Counter. You will need to have Gold XP Level Zero to purchase the players. The player items will rotate every hour in the same slot.

  • Future Stars Luis Castillo (Diamond, 90 OVR SP)
  • Future Stars Raul Mondesi (Gold, 88 OVR SS)
  • Future Stars Alex Verdugo (Gold, 88 OVR RF)
  • Future Stars Jose De Leon (Gold, 88 OVR SP)
  • Future Stars Erik Fedde (Gold, 88 OVR SP)
  • Future Stars Nick Williams (Gold, 86 OVR LF)

Q: Where can I watch the developer Twitch stream from Thursday, Sept. 27?
A: The video replay can be seen here.

Q: When is the next Roster Update?
A: The final regular season Roster Update is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 6, and we traditionally create a final Roster Update in mid-November following the World Series.

Q: Are the September Monthly Awards Flashbacks coming out next Friday?
A: Yes, that’s the plan.

Q: Will Postseason Packs return to the Show Shop?
A: Yes, be on the lookout for deals in the Show Shop and flash sales. Also, the packs can be earned through upcoming Missions, Events and Ranked Season rewards.