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Postseason Programs, Roster Update, and Packs in a Pack

With the Postseason upon us, it’s time for Mr. October to shine. According to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Reggie Jackson hit nearly 100 points higher than his career average during his five World Series appearances.

One of his finest Postseason moments came in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series. With the Yankees one win away from their 21st world championship, Jackson put on a show – homering three times en route to the clinching victory.

Now, you can earn his 1977 Postseason Legend player item by completing six new Missions in his Diamond Dynasty Postseason Program. You can also earn another Yankees Postseason Legend, Johnny Damon, at the 50 percent mark of the Program.

A more recent Postseason performance came from an unexpected closing pitcher. In 2006, the original closer for the Cardinals went down with an injury, and it opened the door for Adam Wainwright to show his true potential in the playoffs. He dominated the Padres, Mets and Tigers with a 0.00 ERA and 15 strikeouts in nine Postseason appearances. He recorded four saves and struck out the final batter of Game 5 of the 2006 World Series to give the Cardinals another ring.

In order to earn the 2006 Postseason Flashback of Adam Wainwright, you will need to acquire Postseason series starting pitchers and relievers to complete his Program Missions in Diamond Dynasty.  You can also earn another Cardinals Postseason Flashback, David Freese, at the 50 percent mark of the Program.


In this week’s Roster Update, 30 players received upgrades or downgrades to their attributes.

Watch the video to see the biggest movers, and you can view the update in detail in our new Roster Update section here, and discuss the changes on the forums.


The Bases Loaded Pack has reloaded in the Show Shop with the September 22nd pack.

This pack is packed with more packs. In every Bases Loaded pack, you will find one previously released Promo Pack OR one Standard Pack BUNDLE (10, 20 or 50) from a random set, plus 2 guaranteed Standard Packs from a random set.

That means you will receive at least 3 packs inside each Bases Loaded pack, and possibly many more!

Cost: 5,000 stubs
Purchase limit: 5 per person
Expires: Friday, Sept. 29 at 2:45 p.m. ET / 11:45 a.m. PT

Q: Can I find the packs with Monthly Awards players or the special packs with the limited edition equipment inside this Bases Loaded pack?
A: No, we excluded those packs to preserve the value of their rare items.

Q: When will the next Event start?
A: We have several Events planned to align with each MLB Postseason round. More details will become available next week along with news of big Postseason plans.

Q: How many more Roster Updates will there be?
A: We have one more slotted in early October as the final regular season update, and then we traditionally put out a Roster Update after the conclusion of the Postseason.

Q: With all of the late-season call ups, will you release a new set of Future Stars?
A: Yes. Look for them next week.