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August Monthly Awards and Roster Update Crowns Three New Diamonds

Rhys Hoskins (Diamond, 93 OVR LF) headlines the seven new Flashbacks making their Diamond Dynasty debut in the August Monthly Awards series. He set an MLB record with 11 home runs in his first 64 career at bats.

Hoskins can only be acquired by completing his Player Epic Mission chain.

  • Rhys Hoskins I – Defeat the Philadelphia Phillies on All-Star Difficulty or higher in a Play VS CPU game
  • Rhys Hoskins II – Tally hitting and pitching stats based on the August performances of the Monthly Award Flashbacks, including Rhys Hoskins and Dylan Bundy
  • Rhys Hoskins III - Collect all six Monthly Awards players to unlock Rhys Hoskins’ Flashback player item

Five of the Monthly Awards Series player items can be found in the Bases Loaded Pack:

There are a limited number of Bases Loaded packs available (20,000), which means it can sell out in the Show Shop, and the pack is limited to two per person.

Each Bases Loaded pack guarantees one of the five Monthly Awards Flashbacks listed above along with 3 other player cards. The cost of the Bases Loaded pack is 15,000 Stubs and the player items can be sold on the Community Market.

During a Twitter poll earlier this week, more than 2,000 people voted Eugenio Suarez into the Ticket Counter over Dylan Bundy.

Suarez will cost 2,000 Tickets and is accessible once you reach Gold XP Level Zero. He will remain in the Ticket Counter until the next Monthly Awards Flashback takes his place.


In this week’s Roster Update, two teammates receive Diamond upgrades along with an Astros outfielder, plus a player who swatted four home runs in one game sees power boosts. 

Watch the video to see the biggest movers, and you can view the update in detail in our new Roster Update section here, and discuss the changes on the forums


Q: When is the next Event starting?
A: Next Wednesday, and we plan to release details on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Q: What else is coming out next week?
A: In anticipation of the upcoming Postseason Programs, look for a wave of new Postseason player items to enter Diamond Dynasty next week, including a fantastic 99 OVR card in the Ticket Counter.

Q: When can we expect to receive our rewards from Ranked Season Monument?
A: The season will end Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 11:59 p.m. PT. On Thursday, rewards will be sent out and then the next season will begin.

Q: When is the next Roster Update?
A: The next one is scheduled to be released Friday, Sept. 22.