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Speedster Event Missions, new Roster Update, and Packs in a Pack return

A new Roster Update features upgrades and downgrades to more than 40 players, including a wave of new Gold players. Watch the video for the biggest movers, and you can discuss the full roster update here.


The Bases Loaded Pack has reloaded in the Show Shop with the August 25th pack.

This pack is packed with more packs. In every Bases Loaded pack, you will find one previously released Promo Pack OR one Standard Pack BUNDLE (10, 20 or 50) from a random set, plus 2 guaranteed Standard Packs from a random set. That means you will receive at least 3 packs inside each Bases Loaded pack, and possibly many more!

Cost: 5,000 stubs
Purchase limit: 5 per person
Expires: Thursday, August 31 at 2:45 p.m. ET / 11:45 a.m. PT

Q: Can I find the packs with Monthly Awards players or the special packs with the limited edition equipment inside this Bases Loaded pack?
A: No, we excluded those packs to preserve the value of their rare items.


The Speedster Event started Tuesday in Diamond Dynasty, and it lasts two full weeks. Event Missions with pack rewards also launched Tuesday with the Event, and several of those Event Missions only last seven days. Since the event is 14 days, look for another set of Missions to roll out on Tuesday, Aug. 29. Read more about the Event here.

Q: When is the next Roster Update?
A: The next Roster Update is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 8. We plan to keep Roster Updates on a schedule of once-every-two-weeks for the remainder of the regular season.

Q: In the Speedster event, how can some lineups have multiple Diamond players when the team overall is limited to 75 OVR?
A: It all comes down to the roster sacrifices you are willing to make and the risks you are willing to take. While building your team, you can use a strategy to tank your starting pitchers and bullpen by selecting Common rarity pitchers. It gives you more flexibility to max out your hitting lineup. However, you run the risk of facing opponents using the same strategy, which puts pressure on your low-rated pitching staff. There are advantages and disadvantages to this teambuilding strategy, but we leave those tough choices up to you.

Q: Will more Diamond Legends and Flashbacks be added into Diamond Dynasty soon?
A: Yes, look for 5 new Diamond Legends or Flashbacks to arrive next Thursday, Aug. 31.