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Future Stars Debut and Mystery Programs Revealed!

Two of the Mystery Programs can now be revealed!

During Tuesday’s developer Twitch stream, the Future Stars series was announced along with the Yoan Moncada Future Stars Program. Now, we can reveal that you need to complete the Bryce Harper Prospects Program first in order to unlock the Missions for the Future Stars Program. How? By collecting and using Live Series players who are and were top prospects.


Before the hair flip was a thing, Bryce Harper was baseball’s top prospect. He won Rookie of the Year in his first MLB season in 2012, and since then, he has been selected to five All-Star games and won NL MVP. To complete this Program, you will need to collect and play with current prospects and former Number 1 prospects using Live Series player items.

Once the Harper Missions are complete, here’s how the Prospects Programs unlocks the Future Stars Program:

  1. Redeem the Rookie of the Year Hardware Flashback Bryce Harper (Silver, 84 OVR CF) inside the Harper Program screen
  2. Go to the Missions for the Yoan Moncada Future Stars Program
  3. Complete the Collection Mission for that Harper player item
  4. New Future Stars Missions will appear in the Moncada Program Mission category


Graded as a five-tool prospect, Yoan Moncada is considered one of baseball’s most likely future stars. He leads the new Future Stars series class of nearly 30 players that rolled out today. The series is based on scouting reports and our best projections of attributes three years into the future. It’s meant to be fun and to acknowledge a group of ballplayers that are worth watching.

In this Program, collect and play with Future Stars series players to complete Missions. Future Stars player items are scattered around Diamond Dynasty – from the Ticket Counter, to the Future Stars Pack, in Battle Royale, in Ranked Seasons and as rewards in an upcoming Event. In addition to Moncada, the Future Stars Program has three hidden players at the 25, 50 and 75 percent milestones. Two of those player items are needed to complete Mystery Missions on your way to the 100 percent reward of Yoan Moncada.


The following players are part of the new Future Stars series, but not all of them are listed because some remain hidden.

Yoan Moncada Program Rewards

  • Yoan Moncada (Diamond 96 OVR 2B)
  • Three hidden Future Stars player items in the Yoan Moncada Program

Battle Royale 12-wins Rewards

Ticket Counter

The following players will appear in a dedicated Future Stars slot in the Ticket Counter. You will need to have Gold XP Level Zero to purchase the players. The player items will rotate every three hours in this slot.

  • Carson Kelly (Gold 85 OVR C)
  • Manuel Margot (Gold 87 OVR CF)
  • Rafael Devers (Diamond 90 OVR 3B)
  • Jeff Hoffman (Gold 85 OVR SP)
  • Sean Newcomb (Gold 85 OVR SP)
  • Josh Hader (Gold 88 OVR SP)

Ranked Season Monument Rewards

Post-Game Rewards and Packs (Future Stars, Standard, Program, Conquest and other packs)


Two new packs appear in the Show Shop this week and replace the Bases Loaded pack.


The Future Stars Pack contains 4 player cards and guarantees one Future Stars player item. You have a chance to find pack exclusive Future Stars:

Cost: 10,000 Stubs
Limit: Five packs per person
Expires: Friday, August 25th at 2:45 p.m. ET / 11:45 a.m. PT


The Prospects Pack contains 10 Live Series players (Bronze or Common) who are all prospects or former #1 prospects needed in the new Bryce Harper Prospects Program Missions. All ten players are eligible for the Program Missions.

Cost: 1,500 Stubs
Limit: None
Expires: Friday, August 25th at 2:45 p.m. ET / 11:45 a.m. PT


Don’t forget, you will now earn double the amount of Stubs, XP and Tickets for playing games in The Show 17!

You will earn double Stubs, XP and Tickets for gameplay only, which means we are not doubling other rewards such as the loot you receive in Missions or Ranked Seasons. Double rewards will last indefinitely.


Have you been redeeming your FREE pack every 24 hours? The Time Limited Mission started appearing on Wednesday every 24 hours, so make sure you go get it.

Here’s how:

  1. Log into Diamond Dynasty
  2. Go to your Missions
  3. Look for the Time Limited Missions category
  4. Redeem the 24-hour Mission for a free Standard Pack every day from Aug. 16 – Aug. 25

Q: How many packs can I redeem per day in the Free Pack Missions?
A: You can redeem up to one Standard Pack per day through the FREE PACK Mission. A new one will appear daily.

Q: If I can’t log in every day, will those Free Pack Missions be waiting for me to redeem the next time I can play?
A: Unfortunately, you cannot redeem these Time Limited Missions at a later date. The Missions expire after the 24-hour countdown timer runs out at midnight Pacific Time.

Q: When is the next Roster Update coming out?
A: Next Friday, Aug. 25.

Q: Will you make more Future Stars?
A: We will consider it and evaluate the newest MLB call-ups.

Q: When is the next Event?
A: Tuesday. Look for more details about it on Monday.