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New Conquest Rewards, Set 10 Diamond Legends, and Ranked Season Monument

Before we dive into the details about today’s content, let’s talk about our next Twitch stream happening TODAY!

WHO: Live Content Team
WHAT: Developer Twitch Stream
WHY: To reveal the newest live content including a new Diamond Dynasty card series, New Programs, recap today’s new Conquest missions, plus more surprises!

We hope you can join us live later today or watch the archived video on our Twitch channel.

Now, let’s get into the new Conquest Missions!

The former MVP, who was the back-to-back MLB The Show cover athlete, and batting champ has returned to Diamond Dynasty! Complete the new Conquest missions to unlock 99 OVR Hardware Flashback Joe Mauer. Along the way, you’ll unlock and use a Flashback knuckleballer, a first base Rookie Legend, and a five-tool Flashback from the Royals.

WARNING: Before you can start these new Conquest Missions, you must complete all of the Conquer and Command Missions that require you to take over strongholds, finish statistical Missions and a couple Exchanges. Once the Command the MLB Mission is done, the Conquest Part II Mission pictured below will allow you to advance to the new set of Missions.

From there, go conquer every stronghold in the West, Central, and East to receive region-specific rewards. You will use these newly unlocked player items to complete stats Missions.

Once you finish those and collect 99 catchers, you will receive one of the best catchers in all of Diamond Dynasty. Well played, Mauer.


Climb the leaderboards in the new Ranked Season Monument to earn one of the most dominating legends on the mound, Tom Seaver (99 OVR), and other rewards.

Ranked Season Monument is scheduled to go live today, August 15, after rewards are distributed for Ranked Season Stripes. Remember, you will receive rewards based on the highest division you reach, not where you end the season. There will be a screen you must pass through in the game to receive the rewards, and then you can open your packs through your Inventory. Stubs, XP and Tickets will be automatically added to your account.

The two Mystery Player rewards are scheduled to be revealed later this week. Stubs rewards are increased in this Ranked Season, and you can see the Tickets and XP payouts below.

Ranked Season Monument is scheduled to end Wednesday, Sept. 13.

  • Spring Training division pack
    • 1 guaranteed Bronze Live Series player item
  • Regular Season division pack
    • 1 guaranteed Silver Live Series player item
    • 1 guaranteed Bronze Live Series player item
  • All-Star division pack
    • 2 guaranteed Silver Live Series player items
  • Pennant Race division pack
    • 1 guaranteed Gold Live Series player item
    • 1 guaranteed Silver Live Series player item
  • Wild Card division pack
  • Division Series division pack
  • Championship Series division pack
  • World Series division pack:


New, exclusive cards are featured in Set 10 of Standard Packs, which are available in the Show Shop and can be purchased in 10, 20 and 50-pack bundles.

Set 10 includes a chance to find player items including:

This is the only place these cards will appear all season, and both cards can be sold in the Community Market.

Q: When will the new series of Diamond Dynasty cards enter the game?
A: Friday with the new Programs.

Q: Will any of the new player items go into the Ticket Counter?
A: Yes, on Friday.

Q: Is there a Roster Update this Friday?
A: Not this week, but look for a new Roster Update with upgrades and downgrades on Friday, Aug. 25.

Q: Where can I watch the archive of today’s live stream if I miss it?