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Legend Programs and Battle Royale Rewards Flash Back to Historic Seasons

The new Legend Programs in Diamond Dynasty showcase the historic pitching and hitting performances of two players.


In 1978, Ron Guidry unanimously won the American League Cy Young Award, finished second in the AL MVP race and led the New York Yankees to a World Series title. With one of the best fastball/slider combinations on the planet, Guidry struck out 248 batters that season and won 25 games.

In The Show 17, you will need to collect and pitch with other Legends and Yankees to match his stats. If you can complete his Legend Program, you will earn another Yankees Legend, one Legends Pack, loot and Guidry’s 99 overall player item that has one of the highest rated Sliders in all of Diamond Dynasty with 99 break and 99 control.


The “Human Vacuum Cleaner” was known for his incredible defense on the hot corner, but Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson could also swing the bat. In 1964, he took home one of his 16 Gold Glove awards, but also captured the American League MVP title after swatting 28 home runs with a .317 batting average. He could do it all.

In The Show 17, Robison’s Legend Program will challenge you to play strong defense, and collect Gold Glovers, Legends and other defenders. An Orioles Flashback, one Legends Pack and other loot will be waiting for you along the journey to his ultra-balanced, 99 overall Legend player item.                                                                                

Don’t forget that completing either Legend Program gives you progress towards unlocking rewards in the Dynasty Program.


The newest member of the Hall of Fame, Jeff Bagwell, is among an elite class of hitters that was just added to Battle Royale Flawless rewards.

New Battle Royale Flawless (12-0) Rewards

New Battle Royale 12-Win Rewards


New Missions for Ranked Seasons and Battle Royale are now available in Diamond Dynasty. These time-limited Missions require you to accumulate stats in August to earn Legend Packs.

Each pack guarantees one non-sellable Legend that can be added to your squad and help you on your quest toward the Legend Programs or to climb the leaderboards.

Q: Will the July Monthly Awards Flashbacks be coming out this week?
A: Yes, and as we mentioned in last week’s blog, they will appear on Thursday along with the limited quantity Bases Loaded pack. For those who are new to The Show 17, that means those packs can sell out, and have sold out in the past.

Q: The Roster Update is also on Thursday, right?
A: Correct, and it will only have transactions including the moves made around MLB’s trade deadline. That means no attribute upgrades or downgrades this week. Look for those to resume next Friday, Aug. 11.