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Hall of Fame Mission, Diamond Legends, New Event, and Roster Update

As one of The Show 17’s Legends enters the Hall of Fame, we celebrate Jeff Bagwell’s career accomplishments with a special Time-Limited Mission this weekend.

From Saturday to Sunday, July 29-30, tally 10 hits with his Hardware Rookie of the Year player item in Diamond Dynasty to earn a new Legends Pack that guarantees one non-sellable Legend. His item can be found in packs and in the Community Market. Congrats, Jeff!


The latest Roster Update is now live with more than 35 players who were upgraded or downgraded! Watch the video for the biggest movers, and you can discuss the full roster update here.


The Advantage: Pitchers Event begins today in Diamond Dynasty, and you have two full weekends to try to win big rewards! Read Thursday’s blog for all the details.


In anticipation of the two Legend Programs scheduled to come out next week, more Legend hitters and pitchers were added into Diamond Dynasty today. They can be found in packs, including the new Bases Loaded and Legends Pack, or in the Community Market.


The Bases Loaded Pack has reloaded in the Show Shop with the July 28th pack. Each pack contains 4 player items, including one guaranteed Legend player item, plus an increased chance to find Diamond and Gold players.

Cost: 7,000 stubs
Limit: Three packs per person
Expires: Thursday, August 3 at 2:45 p.m. ET / 11:45 a.m. PT

Q: Are the two Legend Programs coming out next week?
A: Yes, we are planning to release both Legend Programs together on the same day next week, possibly as early as Tuesday. And both Programs feature 99 overall Legends as the final reward.

Q: The July Monthly Awards Flashbacks are also coming out next week, right?
A: Yes, and earlier than usual! Look for the Monthly Awards players and the limited quantity Bases Loaded pack to debut on Thursday, Aug. 3, around noon PT.

Q: Will all of the trades be included in next week’s Roster Update after the MLB trade deadline ends on Monday?
A: Yes, and let’s talk about next week’s Roster Update. We are planning to include the roster moves and transactions in a Thursday (Aug. 3) Roster Update, but there won’t be attribute updates. However, it’s still possible some player overalls will change if they move positions on their new teams. You will see attribute upgrades and downgrades return in the August 11th Roster Update. Until then, Inside Edge will continue to change daily and impact player attributes.

Q: Any hints on the next Battle Royale rewards for August?
A: There will be three 99 overall players added to the Flawless rewards on Tuesday, Aug. 1. They might be among the best at their positions in all of Diamond Dynasty. Get ready.