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All-Star Epic, Ticket Counter Diamonds, and Roster Update with MLB Trades

The All-Star Epic, a new single-player Diamond Dynasty adventure, challenges you to defeat all 30 MLB teams, tally stats and collect All-Star Legends and Flashbacks.

A 99 overall Flashback Chase Utley is the ultimate prize, along with eight other All-Star player items. Here’s how it works.

The Epic is divided by MLB divisions and the CPU difficulty increases as you climb higher to face the division leaders. For example in the AL East:

  • Defeat the Blue Jays on Veteran difficulty or higher
  • Defeat the Orioles on Veteran difficulty or higher
  • Defeat the Rays on All-Star difficulty or higher
  • Defeat the Yankees on All-Star difficulty or higher
  • Defeat the Red Sox on All-Star difficulty or higher

For defeating the AL East, you receive All-Star Legend Wade Boggs. The other five divisions work the same way and each Mission group rewards All-Star Legends or Flashbacks.

  • AL East Reward: All-Star Legend Wade Boggs (Gold, 87 OVR 3B)
  • AL Central Reward: All-Star Flashback Billy Butler (Silver, 83 OVR 1B)
  • AL West Reward: All-Star Flashback Hisashi Iwakuma (Gold, 88 OVR SP)
  • NL East Reward: All-Star Flashback Brian McCann (Gold, 88 OVR C)
  • NL Central Reward: All-Star Flashback Rickie Weeks (Gold, 87 OVR 2B)
  • NL West Reward: All-Star Legend Rollie Fingers (Gold, 89 OVR CP)

As you play these games, stack your 25-man roster with All-Star Series players to finish two other stat Missions that can only be completed in Play VS CPU games:

  • AL All-Star Mission: Tally hitting and pitching stats with American League All-Star Legends or Flashbacks
  • AL Stats Reward: All-Star Legend Omar Vizquel (Diamond, 95 OVR SS)

  • NL All-Star Mission: Tally hitting and pitching stats with National League All-Star Legends or Flashbacks
  • NL Stats Reward: All-Star Flashback Adam Wainwright (Diamond, 96 OVR SP)

The final piece of the All-Star Epic requires you to collect 50 All-Star series player items. Remember, when you collect player items you make them non-sellable, but you can still play with them in your lineup. If you need more All-Stars, head to the Ticket Counter, Community Market or the Show Shop.

If you complete all 33 Missions in the All-Star Epic, then you will earn All-Star Flashback Chase Utley (Diamond, 99 OVR 2B).


New Diamond hitters and pitchers have been added to the Diamond Dynasty Ticket Counter.


  • Breakout Legend Bruce Sutter (Diamond, 98 OVR CP) - 4,850 Tickets
  • All-Star Legend Cliff Floyd (Diamond, 97 OVR LF) - 4,150 Tickets
  • Hardware Legend Dale Murphy (Diamond, 96 OVR CF) - 3,600 Tickets


  • All-Star Flashback Matt Cain (Diamond, 92 OVR SP) - 1,950 Tickets
  • All-Star Flashback Carlos Gomez (Diamond, 91 OVR CF) - 1,700 Tickets


Big trades have shuffled MLB rosters over the last week, and the newest Roster Update captures those transactions. Watch the Roster Update highlight video, and you can discuss the full roster update here.

New Battle Royale Rewards

More All-Star rewards were added to Battle Royale, Packs and Post-Game rewards today, and can be found in the Community Market.

New Post-Game Rewards & Packs (Standard, Program, Conquest and other packs)


The Bases Loaded Pack has reloaded in the Show Shop with the July 21 pack. Each pack contains 4 player items with an increased chance to find Diamond and Gold players.

Look for these rare Legends that will appear in this pack exclusively or find them in the Community Market:

Cost: 6,000 stubs
Limit: Five packs per person
Expires: Friday, July 28 at 2:45 p.m. ET / 11:45 a.m. PT


You may have noticed some recent changes to how Daily Missions work. Our intention from launch was to give you one new Mission per 24 hours in this category, which is why they are named Daily Missions.

Recently, we fixed an issue that allowed an unlimited number of Daily Missions to appear as long as you kept completing one of the Dailies on-screen. From now on, look for a new Daily Mission every 24 hours. Let’s say you wait a week to do them, a maximum of three will stack up in the Mission category and they will be waiting for you when you log back into Diamond Dynasty. The re-roll feature allows you to shuffle one of your Daily Missions every 24 hours.

Right now, we are troubleshooting re-roll errors that some members of the community are experiencing along with reports that not everyone is getting a fresh Daily Mission every 24 hours. We are testing fixes and hope to address these issues next week.

One update planned for the next patch will fix a visual bug that prevents the Countdown Timer from displaying how long until your next Daily Mission will appear. Those of you with zero Daily Missions on-screen may have seen this bug, but the timer is still running in the background.

Q: When will we see new Programs in Diamond Dynasty?
A: Look for the next two Programs to appear together around the end of the month. Both rewards will be Diamond Legends.

Q: I can’t find previously released players in the Ticket Counter. Were they removed?
A: Every player added since launch to the Ticket Counter is still there, except the previous Monthly Awards Flashbacks. The Ticket Counter randomly selects which player item to feature and then begins the countdown timer. The only slots that do not randomly rotate are the two for the Ken Griffey Jr. items and the single slot for the current Monthly Awards Flashback.