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All-Star Summer begins with New Programs and Rewards

As we count down to this year's MLB All-Star Game, The Show 17 is celebrating the Midsummer Classic with a ton of new Diamond Dynasty content.

Today's new Programs and Ticket Counter rewards will eventually be joined by new All-Star themed Events, Limited-Time Missions and a few surprises. So, let's kick it off with two major Diamond rewards.


Ryne Sandberg's prolific 1990 season with the Chicago Cubs is honored in the first All-Star Program. The second baseman's stats were epic: 40 home runs, 116 runs, 100 RBI, plus 25 stolen bases and a .306 average.

The Program includes one Mission that requires you to play with Sandberg's Rookie player item, which is only acquired by completing 50 percent of his Program. If you can finish all of the Missions, you will be rewarded with this monster 99 overall Ryne Sandberg All-Star Legend.


If you're looking for a new ace to lead your Diamond Dynasty squad this summer, look no further than All-Star Flashback Felix Hernandez.

We consider Hernandez's 2014 season to be as good - if not better - than his Cy Young award-winning campaign in 2010. With 15 wins and a 2.14 ERA, he struck out 248 batters in 236 innings.

Similar to Sandberg's Program, there is a 50 percent reward for a Rookie Flashback Felix Hernandez, which is needed to complete a special Rookie Mission. Look under the Diamond Dynasty Collect menu to find both Programs.


New All-Star Series hitters and pitchers have been added to the Diamond Dynasty Ticket Counter. These Legends and Flashbacks will help you complete the new All-Star Programs and Missions over the next few weeks.

XP Gold Level 50

  • All-Star Flashback Ben Zobrist (Diamond 97 OVR 2B); 4,150 Tickets
  • All-Star Flashback Adrian Gonzalez (Diamond 92 OVR); 1,950 Tickets
  • All-Star Flashback Sean Doolittle (Diamond 92 OVR CP); 1,950 Tickets

XP Silver Level Zero

  • All-Star Flashback Ervin Santana (Gold 88 OVR SP); 1,100 Tickets
  • All-Star Flashback Devin Mesoraco (Gold 87 OVR C);  950 Tickets
  • All-Star Flashback Jackie Bradley Jr. (Gold 86 OVR CF); 800 Tickets


New, exclusive cards are featured in Set 7 of Standard Packs, which are available in the Show Shop and can be purchased in 10, 20 and 50-pack bundles.

Set 7 includes a chance to find player items including:

This is the only place these cards will appear all season, and both cards can be sold in the Community Market.

Q: When will the next Event begin?
A: Three Events are part of The Show's All-Star Summer. Look for an announcement later this week with the first Event beginning Friday.

Q: New Exchange Missions were added recently, but are there more on the way?
A: Yes, and the rewards involve All-Star Series player items.

Q: Some of the Ticket Counter slots changed today, so does that mean Legends and Flashbacks that once had their own slot are permanently gone?
A: Nope, they are still there. We consolidated a few of the Ticket Counter slots, but the Legends and Flashbacks can still randomly appear when the timer refreshes.