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Roster Update Crowns a New Diamond Pitcher, Coveted Ken Griffey Jr, Packs in a Pack...

The Bases Loaded Pack has reloaded in the Show Shop with the May 19 pack.

This pack is packed with more packs. In every Bases Loaded pack, you will find one previously released Promo Pack OR one Standard Pack BUNDLE (10, 20 or 50) from a random set, plus 2 guaranteed Standard Packs from a random set. That means you will receive at least 3 packs inside each Bases Loaded pack, and possibly many more!

Cost: 5,000 stubs
Purchase limit: 3 per person
Expires: Friday, May 26 at 2:45 p.m. ET / 11:45 a.m. PT

Q: Can I find the packs with Monthly Awards players or the Mother’s Day Equipment inside this Bases Loaded pack?
A: No, we excluded those packs to preserve the value of their rare items.


If you’ve been wondering how to acquire Ken Griffey Jr.’s Impact Veteran series card to finish off the Diamond Program, your answer awaits in the Ticket Counter.

Impact Veteran Legend Ken Griffey Jr. is now available in the Ticket Counter. As long as you have reached XP Gold Level Zero, you can purchase the item for 5,000 Tickets. The item will be found in the Ticket Counter moving forward so everyone has a chance to unlock the 99 overall Ken Griffey Jr. item in the Diamond Program.

The latest Roster Update is now live and features upgrades, downgrades and one new Diamond pitcher. Watch the video for the biggest movers, and you can discuss the full roster update here.

Q: Are there any Legends that we don’t know about yet?
A: Yes. We are planning to reveal a brand new Legend in the next Program in the next few weeks, and he's not the last hidden Legend.

Q: Speaking of Programs, the rewards have been getting better with each new one. Will Programs have Diamond rewards soon?
A: Definitely. The next Program with that new Legend will be a Diamond reward. As we enter the summer, look for some of the best rewards to appear, but that also means the difficulty to acquire them goes up too!

Q: Can you confirm if that Free Agent item of Joe Random is the end reward of the Dynasty Program?
A: Let’s just say we have more surprises left.